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Oni ni Kanabo

Oni with an Iron Club

Information for the Non Profit Karate school


Dojo Rules


  • Always refer to the senior instructor as Sensei. 
  • Respond with sir or mam when responding to a higher ranking belt or the instructor. 
  • Treat all members of the dojo with respect.
  • Always bow upon entering and exiting the dojo (training area), when you are bowed to, when joining or leaving class activities, before addressing an instructor, when addressed or summoned by any senior ranked person, and upon meeting or leaving any student during partner practice.
  • Arrive early for class.  When arriving late, warm up before bowing in. Wait at attention at the side of the class and wait for recognition from the instructor before bowing in and joining class.  If you have not informed Sensei that you will be late and an adult, you will be expected to do 20 push-ups before joining the class.
  • Unless prompted by the instructor, wait until after class to ask any questions. Except in the case of an emergency or illness. (Please do ask your questions)
  • If you need to leave class for any reason, seek the attention and permission of an instructor.
  • If you have to adjust your uniform, bow to the front, turn and fix yourself, turn back to the front, and bow again.
  • For warm-ups or any class exercise, stand in a position that makes a straight row aligning with the person at the far left.
  • Inform the instructor of any medical problem or condition which may affect your training.
  • For safety, do not wear jewelry, watches, or rings during training.  Remove glasses for sparring.
  • Good hygiene must be observed.  Uniforms must be kept clean. Finger and toe nails should be kept short to reduce the possibility of injury.
  • All students are required to have purchased a GI by the end of the fourth week of class, and to wear the Gi every night of class. An AIM t-shirt or a solid black shirt with no printing may be worn during exercises.
  • Students are required to have all of their gear every night regardless of the class schedule. 
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SPARRING is allowed in the Dojo, unless supervised by the Sensei.