Oni ni Kanabo

Oni with an Iron Club

Information for the Non Profit Karate school


My Email: senseilong@gmail.com

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How do I make up a class?

You can go to any AIM Self Defense class to make up the class.  Please be aware that are curriculum is different from the other AIM classes and students are tested on all material listed on the site.

Do I have to stay while my child is in class?

No, as long as we have a contact # and you’re back by 8pm to pick them up.

Does the student get promoted faster doing this class?

Yes, they have to pass the test.  My requirements are listed on this website.

The student already has a belt with AIM; do they need to know all the requirements for their belt rank?

Yes and no, they should work toward knowing all the required material, but there will be a period of time that the class will need to back fill the previous requirements.

What style of Karate are you teaching?

I came was taught Hokori Shin Karate which was derived from Kyokushin Karate.  My instructor Master Crump is retired and until I get permission from him I will just refer to it as Japanese Karate.

Will I learn how to use swords?

No, I am not skilled in Kenjutsu or Kendo and I will not teach what I do not know.

We will be working with Nunchucks, Bo and other Japanese weaponry.

Where did you get that awesome artwork at?

I had it commissioned by Mycks they have a lot of amazing pieces.  You can find them at any of the links below.

Website:  http://re-mycks.com/

Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyCKs

or just look up Mycks on Facebook