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Oni ni Kanabo

Oni with an Iron Club

Information for the Non Profit Karate school


Testing Items for WHITE BELT

  • The required Kata below

  • Japanese counting to 10

  • 3-1 Block techniques *example* 1 Block followed by a reverse punch

  • Escape maneuvers

  1. Wrist grab escape

  2. Strikes to escape Bear Hug


  • Horse Stance

  • Self-Defense/Sparring Stance

  • Ready Stance

  • Attention Stance

  • Forward Stance

  • Back Stance

  • Attention Stance

Blocks from Horse Stance and Self Defense Stance

  • High Block

  • Low Block

  • Inside Block

  • Outside Block

  • Middle Block

Hand Techniques

  • Reverse Punch

  • Jab Punch

  • Mid Rear Elbow Strike (Stomach)


  • Front Snap Kick (Back Leg)

  • Sitting Side Kick

  • Sitting Front Snap Kick

  • Side Kick (Front Leg)

  • Skip Side Kick (Front Leg)

  • Front Snap Kick (Stepping Forward)

  • Front Roundhouse Kick (Front Leg)


  • Time determined by the instructor

Additional required equipment for White Belt 

Uniform after the 8th class 

Spar Pack, mouth piece and cup if required near the end of the session .

You can only fight the way you practice.
— Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings

12 Step Kata